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Hubely Classic Circus Toys
                               Hubley Bandwagon 

Listed in the Catalogs from 1919 to 1926. Elaborate highly detailed offering with 4 horses a driver and either 6 or 8 band Members.  There was a large and small offering. The large was 30 inches in length and had 8 band Members. The Small Version was 23 inches in length and had six band members.  Most common version having a red band wagon with blue wheels. Scarcer version with a blue wagon and red wheels. Examples seen pulled by white , black or grey horses as well as standard medium style horse or the larger plumed or prancing style horses. 

                               Hubley  Calliope

The Hubley Calliope Bandwagon toy was offered in three sizes All show in the Hubley catalog suplement for 1919 -1926 on circus toys. Does not show in the 1919 catalog so possibly produced from 1920 through 1926. It came with a two horse team, driver and organ player inside.  Style of the different offerings appears to be consistent with what hubley did back then with the smaller versions having a simpler design and the largest the more elaborate design , plumed horses and fancy wheels.  Large Calliope had  plain, musical pipe and musical bell versions. 

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