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Oxen Drawn Log Wagons


I do not have a catalog reference for a Dent Log Wagon Toy. I'm not therefore convinced that Dent ever made one. I have seen a few examples of log wagons pulled by the solid brown Dent Oxen. Its shown as a possible, but i would  need to see more examples to say for sure. 


Shown in the Hubley Catalogs from the early 1900's to approximately 1926.  The more common version being the version with black/white oxen , green log , yellow frame and red wheels. I also believe there to be a scarcer early version similar to the Kenton which is shown to the right.  Length is accurately listed as 15 1/4 inhces in the catalog. 

catalog page.jpg

Early Version of this hubley log wagon with white oxen, brown log with yellow highlights , yellow frame and red wheels.

top and bottom log wagon.png

Later Version of this Ox Drawn Wagon often found in good condition. Black and white oxen, yellow frame, red wheels and Green log. 

Forensics of the hubley log wagon.png

Kenton Log Wagon - Approximately 16.5 inches long. Pulled by 7 inch Oxen Pulling an 8.25 inch log. Ridden by a driver wearing a ridged hat. Shows up on an 1898 jobber sheet and the the 1900 Kenton Catalog. Then dissapears from the Kenton catalogs. Scarce find I've seen maybe 10 in 15 years.  Most are in poor conditio possibly due to poor paint preparation when made.

Forensics of the Kenton Log wagon.png
unknown comb..png
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