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Kenton Circus Toys

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Welcome to the group Format. Its my goal to use this section as an educational reference. In this case we feature the kenton circus toys. Members are welcome to use this page as a reference or add their own knowledge on the subject. Posted information is subject o scrutiny for accuracy and subject to be edited by the admin if its found to be incorrect.

Discussion is encouraged more so in the forum section but may be allowed to remain in this section if it adds to the overall educational content.

Jun 15, 2021

Reproduction - Utexiqual . Notice the beaded chains and reins, white color and the hoof wheel located on the opposite side from an original


This Group section dedicated to Kenton Circus Toys. This page is dedicated to educating the membership on those toys. My plan is to build a foundation based on catalogs and other reference sources that are from recognized experts in the field. Additional discussion may be added to pictures from knowledgeable collectors. Any discussion added may be edited or summarized by the moderator to retain the educational value of the toy and to minimize clutter. Please review the replies to each picture as they may contain additional information. Order of posting is most recent first. You may therefore find it easier to read bottom up.

Later Castings / Reproductions

After the Kenton Toy Factory closed. Others at times tried to recreate some of the Kenton Toys. This section covers some of those efforts.

First is a catalog by Frank L. Culp and Sons. Frank bought many of the original kenton molds around 1959. This catalog contains Kenton reproductions with slight variations , some original Culp designs as well as reproductions of other cast iron toy brands. Print date is estimated as 1972.

Kenton Circus Truck - Hippo Yellow

Made from 1924 - 1927

Two sizes 8 inch and 10 inch

Referencing Bob Saylors Kenton Kenton Toy Guide the yellow color with hippo figure is correct.


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