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Kenton Circus Toys

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Later Castings / Reproductions

After the Kenton Toy Factory closed. Others at times tried to recreate some of the Kenton Toys. This section covers some of those efforts.

First is a catalog by Frank L. Culp and Sons. Frank bought many of the original kenton molds around 1959. This catalog contains Kenton reproductions with slight variations , some original Culp designs as well as reproductions of other cast iron toy brands. Print date is estimated as 1972.

Frank L. Culp Toy Catalog
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Second were reproductions made by the Utexiqual Toy company. Also made from Original Kenton molds with slight variations. The circus toys could be identified with beaded reins, different colors and horses that had the hoof wheel mounted on the right side facing the horse instead of the left as Kenton Toys had done.

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H. Ray Johnson. I don't know much about this one. Made his circus toys with a certification attached that certified his toys were made from Kenton Molds. His toys clearly are of an inferior casting and are already showing signs of wear and rusting.


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